Denise Maria Lenz

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Many Src Homology 3 (SH3) domains function as molecular adhesives in intracellular signal transduction. Based on previous ultrastructural studies, short motifs which bind to the first SH3 domains of the adapters Crk and CRKL were selectively mutagenised to generate Crk/CRKL SH3-binding peptides of very high affinity and selectivity. Affinities were(More)
Immunization with cardiac myosin induces T cell-mediated myocarditis in genetically predisposed mice and serves as a model for autoimmune heart disease. This study was undertaken to identify pathogenic epitopes on the myosin molecule. Our approach was based on the comparison of the pathogenicity between cardiac (alpha-)myosin and soleus muscle(More)
The Neu Differentiation Factors (NDFs, also termed "heregulins") are a family of proteins that were first isolated as ligands for the HER2 (ergB2, or p185neu) receptor protein tyrosine kinase. Here we show that NDF acts to stimulate the proliferation and alter the cellular morphology of colonic epithelial cells in culture. Dramatic NDF-induced changes in(More)
Polyaniline (PAni), an electronic conductive polymer, has poor mechanical properties, such as low tensile, compressive and flexural strength that render PAni a non-ideal material to be processed for practical applications. Desired properties of polyaniline can be enhanced by mixing it with a polymer that has good mechanical properties. In this work, PAni(More)
This work is a study of the anticorrosion protection of polypyrrole (PPy) on AISI 1010 steel (mild steel) by the incorporation of TiO2 pigment into the PPy matrix during electrochemical synthesis. The influence of parameters such as stirring, concentration, pH and nature of the electrolyte were investigated. The degree of pigment incorporation into the(More)
The 52-residue alpha/beta chimera of the epidermal growth factor-like domain in neu differentiation factor (NDFealpha/beta) has been synthesized and folded to form a three disulfide bridge (Cys182-Cys196, Cys190-Cys210, Cys212-Cys221) containing peptide. We investigated two general strategies for the formation of the intramolecular disulfide bridges(More)
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