Denise Mara Soares Bazzolli

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Dietary fiber performs important functions in diabetes mellitus control and treatment. In this study, we evaluate the reduction in plasma glucose after the treatment of diabetic rats with high-fiber(More)
The virulence of Aeromonas hydrophila is positively regulated by a quorum sensing (QS) system based on the ahyRI genes. The aim of this study was to evaluate the phenotypic characteristics related to(More)
Fungi of the Colletotrichum genus are among the most prominent phytopathogens that cause diseases with a considerable economic impact, such as anthracnose. The hemibiotrophic fungus Colletotrichum(More)
The expression of the Penicillium griseoroseum plg1 gene is induced by citric pectin and repressed by glucose. In this work, the minimal region of the plg1 gene promoter essential for expression in(More)
The storage of fresh raw milk at low temperature does not prevent proliferation of psychrotrophic bacteria that can produce heat-resistant proteolytic enzymes contributing to the reduced shelf life(More)