Denise M.O. Ramirez

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Recent studies suggest that synaptic vesicles (SVs) giving rise to spontaneous neurotransmission are distinct from those that carry out evoked release. However, the molecular basis of this dichotomy remains unclear. Here, we focused on two noncanonical SNARE molecules, Vps10p-tail-interactor-1a (vti1a) and VAMP7, previously shown to reside on SVs. Using(More)
Reelin is a glycoprotein that is critical for proper layering of neocortex during development as well as dynamic regulation of glutamatergic postsynaptic signaling in mature synapses. Here, we show that Reelin also acts presynaptically, resulting in robust rapid enhancement of spontaneous neurotransmitter release without affecting properties of evoked(More)
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