Denise M. Nicholson

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Chronic suppurative otitis media affected 3.8% of 3500 Solomon Island children under 15 years (and 6.1% under 5 years) and was the sole cause of conductive hearing loss recorded in 265 children tested audiometrically. It was characterised by early onset (65% under 18 months) male preponderance and large central tubotympanic perforations. Measles,(More)
Frozen sections of breast tumor tissue have been stained using an immunoperoxidase [estrogen receptor (ER)-immunocytochemistry] kit incorporating a monoclonal antiserum [H222] to visualize nuclear human ERs. Quantitation of specific staining has been performed by manual procedures using optical microscopy and by a computer-assisted image analysis system(More)
In 2007, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) released a report detailing the future of robotic military equipment and how to proceed in development and procurement of unmanned systems (Office of Secretary of Defense, 2007). This document recognizes the role of unmanned systems in the areas of reconnaissance, surveillance, and target identification. This(More)
The emergence of several trends, including the increased availability of wireless networks, miniaturization of electronics and sensing technologies, and novel input and output devices, is creating a demand for integrated, fulltime displays for use across a wide range of applications, including collaborative environments. In this paper, we present and(More)
Team cognition has been identified as a key component to achieve mission goals in dynamic, team-based, stressful, distributed and multicultural operations. Effective team performance in complex environments requires that team members hold a shared understanding of the task, their equipment, and their teammates. So, many of the simulation-based training(More)
To evaluate current guidelines criteria for inclusion of women in special 'breast cancer family history' surveillance programmes, records were reviewed of women referred to Scottish breast cancer family clinics between January 1994 and December 2003 but discharged as at 'less than 'moderate' familial risk'. The Scottish Cancer Registry was then interrogated(More)
Many infants have periods of unsettledness, or irritability, over the first months of life. Spilling (or posseting) due to reflux of gastric contents is also seen very frequently. Almost universally, these are normal patterns of infancy (the first 12 months of life) that resolve with the passage of time. In recent years, these normal developmental processes(More)