Denise L Evert

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The serial pattern found for conjunction visual-search tasks has been attributed to covert attentional shifts, even though the possible contributions of target location have not been considered. To investigate the effect of target location on orientation x color conjunction searches, the target's duration and its position in the display were manipulated.(More)
Precuing an observer as to where a target is more likely to occur in a subsequent visual array can increase the detectability (d') of a target at that location. This is often attributed to the observer's increased allocation of some limited cognitive resource ("attention") to the cued location. Two experiments are reported which are difficult to interpret(More)
The experiments assess the relationship between stimulus exposure duration and hemispheric asymmetries for global and local processing. Six durations (27, 40, 53, 67, 80, and 147 ms) were tested in a selective attention task in which hierarchical letterforms were presented unilaterally to the left or right visual field. The results indicated that left(More)
This study examined the possibility that lack of behavioral evidence indicating hemispheric specialization for selective attention in healthy individuals is due to the use of tasks that are not sufficiently demanding to require selective attention. In a group of 43 participants (ages 17-23), we compared selective attention on a cued-response time task when(More)
Chronic heavy drinking and alcoholism can have serious repercussions for the functioning of the entire nervous system, particularly the brain. These effects include changes in emotions and personality as well as impaired perception, learning, and memory. Neuropathological and imaging techniques have provided evidence of physical brain abnormalities in(More)
Thirty-seven nonalcoholic individuals (22 women, 15 men), ages 26-76, and 36 abstinent alcoholic individuals (11 women, 25 men), ages 31-74, participated in a cued-detection task that assessed right hemisphere (RH) functioning associated with aging and alcoholism. Young controls were less reliant on cues following RH activation, which is consistent with the(More)
Hospital foodservice directors & dietitians are facing the greatest challenge of their careers -- to prepare, along with their institutions, for the most thoroughgoing reform of America's healthcare system ever proposed. Healthcare institutions across the country are seeking the means to offer enhanced patient services & gain competitive advantages by(More)
Investigated were the effects of 2-week exposure of four Macaca mulattas to the head-end tilted downward at 10 degrees on contractility of the left myocardium and its controls basing on the data of functional loading tests on the tilting table and at two regimes of centrifugation. The experiment included registration of the left heart pressure, volumetric(More)
Dynamics of the left heart ventricular muscle contractility and compliance was studied in 4 monkeys in the head down position (antiorthostatic hypokinesia) with the body angle 10 during 2 weeks. Functional tests on a tilt table and under two conditions of centrifuge rotation were performed prior to and after the antiorthostatic hypokinesia. No changes in(More)
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