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Whether QA is being established in a new institution, or existing practices are being refreshed, there are a number of prerequisites: • An institutional quality policy and plan. • A QA " champion " who will lead the QA effort and ensure it is embedded in the institutional culture and practice. • Opportunities for all staff to contribute to the design of a(More)
The Mekong e-Sim involved more than 140 students across Australia and overseas participating in an online roleplay-simulation over a four-week period. Set in the Mekong region of South East Asia, it allowed for highly charged debates over development issues arising from clear-cut differences and conflicts in values and interests. The geography and(More)
This paper is concerned with the design, implementation and evaluation of a Performance Support System (PSS) to enhance lesson planning skills in first year teacher education students. A PSS is interactive software that is intended to both train and support both the novice and experienced user in the performance of complex tasks. The concept of a PSS allows(More)
INTRODUCTION Reflecting its roots in distance education, the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) was, until 1982, known as the International Council for Correspondence Education. However, distance education has undergone a significant transformation from its origins in independent or correspondence study. Until recently, that(More)
This thesis has been read by each member of the thesis committee and has been found to be satisfactory regarding content, English usage, format, citations, bibliographic style and consistency, and is ready for submission to the College of Graduate Studies. In presenting this thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a master's degree at Montana(More)
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