Denise J Nunez

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Clinical studies have reported that the widely used antihyperglycemic drug metformin significantly reduces cardiac risk factors and improves clinical outcomes in patients with heart failure. The mechanisms by which metformin exerts these cardioprotective effects remain unclear and may be independent of antihyperglycemic effects. We tested the hypothesis(More)
We analyzed 178 patients admitted with a diagnosis of lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage from 1970 to 1979. Fifty-four percent had a subsequent or previous episode of bleeding and 78 percent required transfusions. One hundred eighteen patients had rigid sigmoidoscopy, with positive findings in 10 (8.5 percent); 98 underwent angiography, with positive(More)
OBJECTIVES Previous studies demonstrated that the collapsibility index (percent decrease in inferior vena cava [IVC] diameter with inspiration) of 50% or greater and an IVC/aorta ratio of 0.8 or less correlated with a low intravascular volume. Our study sought to determine if bedside ultrasound (BUS) measurements of the IVC diameter correlate with central(More)
BACKGROUND Although under-reported and understudied, unplanned extubations carry a significant risk of patient harm and even death. They are an important yardstick of quality control of care of intubated patients in the ICU. A unit-based risk assessment and multidisciplinary approach is required to decrease the incidence of unplanned extubations. METHODS(More)
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