Denise J. Kennedy

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This study was conducted to determine whether enteric viruses (adenovirus, rotavirus, and hepatitis A virus) added to cotton cloth swatches survive the wash cycle, the rinse cycle, and a 28-min permanent press drying cycle as commonly practiced in households in the United States. Detergent with and without bleach (sodium hypochlorite) was added to washing(More)
Delayed matching of key location is a useful paradigm for the study of pigeons' short-term memory for a spatial location. On each trial a randomly selected key from a matrix of keys is lit briefly as a sample and followed by a retention interval. During the ensuing choice period the sample and one of the non-sample keys are lit; choice of the sample is(More)
There is a need for estimating the calorific requirements of patients undergoing or about to undergo total parenteral nutrition (TPN) other than by complicated direct calorimetry or by guesswork. We describe a simple, cheap, indirect calorimetric method for determining energy requirements from the measurement of mixed expired carbon dioxide tension (PĒCO2)(More)
The first case of rabies for 25 years was recorded in the Chinhoyi veterinary region of north-western Zimbabwe in September 1980. An epidemic in jackals (86 per cent of cases) with associated cases in cattle (7 per cent) spread rapidly northwestward through the commercial farming areas. Within 18 months the front had moved 180 km from the probable point of(More)
Pigeons appear predisposed to respond in stereotyped manners in multi-item spatial memory tasks in which the items are simultaneously presented. We discovered this when we attempted to study primacy and recency serial position effects using a delayed matching of key location task (Experiment 1) and when we attempted to develop a keypack analog of the(More)
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