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AIMS This study explores gender differences in the association between substance use and elevated depressive symptoms in the general adolescent population. DESIGN Cross-sectional self-reported anonymous survey, the 2002/2003 Student Drug Use Survey in the Atlantic Provinces. The sample design was a single-stage cluster sample of randomly selected classes(More)
This validation study assessed the degree of confidence that can be placed on inferences from depressive symptoms among adolescents, based on a 12-item version of the Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression scale (CES-D). This short version of the scale had been developed for application in the National Longitudinal Study of Children and Youth and we(More)
The clinical and psychosocial states of 46 patients (26 men and 20 women) who had undergone cardiac catheterisation were examined prospectively. All of the patients had insignificant (less than 50%) coronary lesions and had been told that no limitation of activity was necessary. Twelve months after angiography 19 of the patients continued to complain of(More)
A critical examination is made of the role that statistical methods have played in the understanding of depression. The development of instruments for measuring depression is illustrated by reference to the Beck Depression Inventory and the Hamilton Rating Scale. The controversy over the existence of one or two types of depression is examined from the(More)
A study was carried out to assess the factors that may affect the outcome of a single course of treatment for childhood nocturnal enuresis by use of an enuresis alarm. 113 children were treated and followed up; those showing failure of initial arrest of wetting, relapse and longterm successful outcome were analysed separately. Emphasis is placed on the need(More)
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