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the development of the sample design and statistical methodology. Statistical Methods Branch, supervised the development of the frame construction, birth sampling, sample control, imputation, and quality control procedures with assistance from Special acknowledgment is due for the contributions made by Carlene Bottorff and Lawrence Impett and to the many(More)
The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the official policy of Health Canada. Executive Summary Research goals were to investigate the incidence of waterborne illness in Canada, describe the complex systemic interrelationships between disease incidence, weather parameters, and water quality and quantity, and address possible consequences of(More)
An unusual side effect of amphetamine-like drugs is described. A patient with acute cardiomyopathy was discovered to have been taking Fenfluramine and Mazindol at the prescribed dose. Within a week after abstention from the drugs and appropriate cardiac treatment her cardiomyopathy resolved. The authors suggest that this effect is due to the combination of(More)
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