Denise Filippo

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A forum is a valuable tool to foster reflection in an in-depth discussion; however, it forces the course mediator to continually pay close attention in order to coordinate learners' activities. Moreover, monitoring a forum is time consuming given that it is impossible to know in advance when new messages are going to be posted. Additionally, a forum may be(More)
Based on the 3C collaboration model, this article descries the mapping of a variety of collaboration forms onto inter-relationships between communication, coordination and cooperation. In order to investigate how to provide computational support for these three functional collaboration dimensions the analysis shifts from the inter-relationships between(More)
In an education environment, a forum provides a valuable tool that can be used to foster reflection and a deeper analysis of subjects being discussed. However, as an asynchronous communication tool, participation occur at any time, demanding a constant attention of the teacher to satisfactorily mediate the group discussion. A reasonable number of messages(More)
The learning of music is usually associated with the knowledge of musical discourse through the use of traditional instruments or of singing. However, the learning of a musical instrument is associated with hours of practice for the technical improvement and the musical evolution of the student, leaving out of this process many people who are interested in(More)
This paper investigates Hey yaa, a haptic wearable interaction system that allows sensory-motor communication through vibration. The system allows users to call each other attention through haptic sensation, without using voice or vision. Hey yaa, thereby, meets the special needs of the hearing impaired and works as an assistive technological solution to(More)
This work presents a collaborative educational game, Time2Play, developed in Second Life, which allows the creation of stories in a collaborative fashion, offering a new form of expression in education. This game is projected for children from 7 to 12 years old, enabling them to express their creativity and imagination by creating and enacting stories of(More)
In this work, notifications to provide learners and mediators of an online course with awareness information regarding the unfolding of forums and other participants' activities are investigated. In an asynchronous setting, participants need to check the forum frequently to know if there are new messages and whether and when mediators and learners are(More)
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