Denise Egan

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This study examined the prevalence and impact of moderate to severe RLS (MS-RLS) in primary care patients in Ireland. Patients completed a screening questionnaire and those with symptoms suggestive of MS-RLS underwent a diagnostic interview. Patients diagnosed with MS-RLS completed quality of life and sleep assessment questionnaires, and their medical(More)
UNLABELLED A retrospective study done to assess the efficiency of cervical screening in the form of smear testing in pregnant population. We selected one hundred women who had undergone cervical screening during booking visit in one particular unit. Results of tests along with datas regarding age, parity and previous smear history was compiled. Results were(More)
This study developed quantitative real-time PCR assays for the DAZ and RBMY1 genes to determine the copy number of RNA extracted from testicular biopsies from a cohort of normospermic controls (n=6) and azoospermic males (n=17) including two males with Y-chromosome microdeletions (AZFc and AZFb + c). All patients underwent testicular sperm extraction (TESE)(More)
Information on the outcomes of ART treatments in Ireland is not readily available to Irish practitioners. The data for hospital affiliated clinics has been made available for many years and is included in the hospital reports. We present a 10-year analysis of the Irish ART results voluntarily reported by six out of seven IVF clinics. The data was collected(More)
There is evidence that patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) are not being anticoagulated according to the published guidelines. Difficulty in identifying such patients may partly explain this. In this study, we examined the yield of different methods for detecting people with AF in a single general practice: hospital discharge letters, referrals to(More)
The androgen receptor (AR) gene, located on the X chromosome, is an important regulator of human spermatogenesis. In the past decade, the link between the CAG polyglutamine tract, situated on exon one of the AR gene, and reduced spermatogenesis has become a controversial one. Alterations in the length of the CAG polyglutamine tract have been associated with(More)
The region of the Y chromosome most critical for male fertility is called the azoospermia factor (AZF) region and it is located within subintervals five and six on the long arm of the Y chromosome. Several genes, all residing here, contribute to spermatogenesis and deletions in these genes are thought to be pathogenetically involved in some cases of male(More)
Introduction The impact of critical illness on psychological wellbeing can be severe with patients reporting high levels of anxiety & depression [1]. The psychological impact of critical illness can be long lasting, affecting both patients and their families and impacting on quality of life following hospital discharge [2]. A minority of patients will(More)
The effectiveness of "home-based" exposure and response prevention was assessed in a series of 11 subjects with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Patients received 24 treatment sessions in a range of natural settings and situations. Sixty-four percent of the patients responded to behavior therapy in these settings, and 36% achieved lasting improvements(More)