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Younger and older Muslim and non-Muslim women living in the United States completed questionnaires about body satisfaction and their internalization of Western standards of beauty (thin-ideal). Younger Muslim women wearing non-Western clothing and a head veil were significantly less likely to express drive for thinness or pressure to attain a thin-ideal(More)
In the present research, younger (mean age 20) and older (mean age 78) adults' perception and recall of scripted and nonscripted actions were examined. Two primary types of nonscripted or atypical actions were presented: those that interrupted the sequence of the script and those that were irrelevant to the script. Script-irrelevant actions also varied in(More)
Base modification during solid-phase phosphoramidite synthesis of oligodeoxynucleotides has been investigated. We have discovered chemical modification that converts dG and dG-containing oligomers to a fluorescent form. This modification has been linked to N,N-dimethylaminopyridine (DMAP), an acylation catalyst, which can displace phosphate triester adducts(More)
The use of the mutual exclusivity constraint was examined in three-year-old and six-year-old children who were either monolingual in English (N = 32) or bilingual in English/Urdu (N = 32) or in English/Greek (N = 32). Three tests of the constraint were used: disambiguation rejection, and restriction. On the disambiguation test, the mutual exclusivity bias(More)
In two experiments, the use of mutual exclusivity in the naming of whole objects was examined in monolingual and bilingual 3- and 6-year-olds. Once an object has a known name, then via principles of mutual exclusivity it is often assumed that a new name given to the object must refer to some part, substance, or other property of the object. However, because(More)
The purpose of the present research was to examine younger (7-years-old) and older (10-years-old) children's attitudes toward older individuals following one type of five primes: positive prime, negative prime, elderly prime, grandparent prime, or neutral prime. Overall, children's attitudes on three tests--Apperception, Semantic Differential, and Attribute(More)
Through multiple group structural equation modeling analyses, path models were used to test the predictive effects of sport type and both interpersonal (i.e., mothers' body dissatisfaction, family dynamics) and intrapersonal factors (i.e., athletic self-efficacy, body mass index [BMI]) on high school female sport participants' (N=627) body dissatisfaction.(More)
This study examined whether 3- to 7-year-old African American and European American children's assessment of emotion in face-only, face+body, and body-only photographic stimuli was affected by in-group emotion recognition effects and racial or gender stereotyping of emotion. Evidence for racial in-group effects was found, with European American children(More)
Results are presented from two pilot studies examining the potential influence of community-based after-school programs (ASPs) on regionally diverse Latino youth of varying ages. Study 1 examined relations between dimensions of ASP attendance and content, and ethnic identity development, and self-worth in urban Latino adolescents. In this study, higher(More)