Denise Cristina Kluge

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This study aims at investigating the perception and production of the English nasals /m/ and /n/ in syllable-final position by 20 Brazilian EFL learners and 3 native speakers of American English. Perception was assessed by means of both a discrimination and an identification test. Production data was collected by means of a Sentence Reading Test. The(More)
In both English and Dutch, the nasal consonants /m/ and /n/ in word-final position have different phonological representations and are phonetically distinctive. In contrast, in Brazilian Portuguese /m/ and /n/ undergo similar phonological processes which result in the deletion of the nasals and regressive vowel nasalization. The present small-scale study(More)
Many speech researchers (linguists, psycholinguists, speech therapists) who work with speech perception still struggle to prepare their data collection tests mostly due to limitations as regards programming skills and knowledge of scripting languages. Concerned with this scenario and methodological constraints, we developed an open source application(More)
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