Denise Cristina André Oliveira

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the applicability of SBA-15 silica as an adjuvant in immunizations with purified particles of the viral protein HBsAg, the main component of hepatitis B vaccine, Butang®, produced by Instituto Butantan. METHODS BALB/c mice orally or subcutaneously received 0.5 μg of HBsAg adsorbed/encapsulated to SBA-15 or adsorbed to Al(OH)3. To(More)
Due to its physicochemical properties, nanostructured mesoporous SBA-15 silica shows great potential as a vaccine adjuvant. This study evaluated the capacity of SBA-15 to encapsulate/adsorb the recombinant purified HBsAg from the Hepatitis B virus and the immunoresponsiveness of mice orally immunized with HBsAg inside SBA-15. A simulation of small angle(More)
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