Denise Catalano

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This study analyzed the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) case service report (RSA-911) data for fiscal year 2004 to examine effects of demographic characteristics, work disincentives, and vocational rehabilitation services patterns on employment outcomes of persons with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The results indicated that European(More)
OBJECTIVE To translate the theoretical constructs from a model of resilience into a structural equation model and evaluate relationships among the model's theoretical constructs associated with resilience and the occurrence of depressive symptoms. DESIGN Quantitative descriptive research design using structural equation modeling (SEM). PARTICIPANTS(More)
STUDY DESIGN Qualitative research design involving semi-structured focus groups. OBJECTIVES To increase current understanding of how persons with spinal cord injuries (SCI) define resilience and what factors contribute to their resilience or the resilience of others. SETTING Inpatient rehabilitation program in a large urban city in the Southwestern(More)
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