Denise Brown

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Reported two studies that examined the efficacy of the Personality Research Form (PRF) as an outcome measure for interventions designed to increase social competence. In the first study (N = 83), the degree to which PRF scales can predict criteria frequently used in social skills training outcome research was examined, and the PRF was shown to be sensitive(More)
BACKGROUND Finding the most appropriate strategy for the prevention of moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) and severe acute malnutrition (SAM) in young children is essential in countries like Niger with annual "hunger gaps." Options for large-scale prevention include distribution of supplementary foods, such as fortified-blended foods or lipid-based nutrient(More)
This study investigates population mobility and its relationship with area level deprivation and health. Based on UK movement in the year preceding the 2001 census, small areas in Scotland were classified as being one of the following population types; decreasing, increasing or stable (with high or low turnover). In the most deprived areas, illness rates(More)
Survival data are often modelled by the Cox proportional hazards model, which assumes that covariate effects are constant over time. In recent years however, several new approaches have been suggested which allow covariate effects to vary with time. Non-proportional hazard functions, with covariate effects changing dynamically, can be fitted using penalised(More)
Despite recent increases in life expectancy, inequalities in mortality in Scotland have been widening. Previous research has suggested that one of the potential drivers of geographical inequalities in health is the process of selective migration. Although support for the effect of selective migration on widening geographic inequalities in health has been(More)
Material deprivation contributes to inequalities in health; areas of high deprivation have higher rates of ill-health. How deprivation is measured has a great impact on its explanatory power with respect to health. We compare previous deprivation measures used in Scotland and proposes a new deprivation measure using the 2001 and 2011 Scottish census data.(More)
These data present a new small-area deprivation measure, but also include a variety of other indicators, such as the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) and the Carstairs score. The data are for Scottish 2001 Datazones and for the years 2001 and 2011. In addition the data provide standardised self-reported measures of general health and limiting(More)
Methods for capturing images in three dimensions are now widely available, with stereo-photogrammetry and laser scanning being two common approaches. In anatomical studies, a number of landmarks are usually identified manually from each of these images and these form the basis of subsequent statistical analysis. However, landmarks express only a very small(More)
In 1959, construction on Interstate-95 (the Delaware Expressway) began in Philadelphia. Original plans for construction occurred in 1937, but were not approved until more than twenty years later. Several versions of the plans were drafted, but the final plan for the elevated expressway was approved during the 1950s. The project took twenty years to(More)