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In the European Union (EU), variable-speed drives (VSDs) were identified as the motor systems technology having the most significant electricity savings potential. In the EU, the identified economic electricity savings potential with the application of VSDs, by the year 2015, in industrial and tertiary sectors, are 39 and 8 TWh/year, respectively. However,(More)
Breastfeeding is widely acknowledged to be the best and most complete form of nutrition for healthy infants born at term and is associated with numerous benefits in terms of infants' health, growth, immunity and development. However, breastfeeding problems often result in early weaning. Standardized treatment recommendations for breastfeeding-related(More)
Aim: 20 years after establishment of the National Breastfeeding Committee, the present work, based on published data on breastfeeding, is aimed at providing insight into the development of breastfeeding behaviour in Germany. Methods: To identify relevant publications, a comprehensive literature search was conducted in PubMed and Web of Science using the(More)
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