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Computing discrete mixtures of continuous distributions: noncentral chisquare, noncentral t and the distribution of the square of the sample multiple correlation coeecient Abstract In this article, we address the problem of computing the distribution functions that can be expressed as discrete mixtures of continuous distributions. Examples include(More)
We establish the existence of the top quark using a 67 pb ?1 data sample of pp collisions at p s = 1.8 TeV collected with the Collider Detector at Fer-milab (CDF). Employing techniques similar to those we previously published, we observe a signal consistent with t t decay to W W b b, but inconsistent with the background prediction by 4:8. Additional(More)
We present the results of a search for the top quark in 19.3 pb ?1 of p p collisions at p s = 1.8 TeV. The data were collected at the Fermilab Tevatron collider using the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF). The search includes Standard Model t t decays to nal states eee , eee , and as well as e + + jets or + + jets. In the (e,) + + jets channel we search(More)
This paper presents an investigation into the use of photoconductive silicon for controlling microwave circuits. Initial experiments show that significant changes in the S<sub>21</sub> characteristics of a 9 GHz silicon end coupled filter can be implemented. The results are compared against an equivalent copper conductivity.
A normally distributed vector response variable is considered, related to a scalar explanatory variable through a linear regression model. The calibration data, i.e. data obtained on the response variable corresponding to known values of the explanatory variable, are to be used for making inferences concerning unknown values of the explanatory variable. The(More)
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