Denise Baker

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BACKGROUND The number of suicides in prison has increased over recent years. This is the first study to describe the clinical care of a national sample of prison suicides. AIMS To describe the clinical and social circumstances of self-inflicted deaths among prisoners. METHOD A national clinical survey based on a 2-year sample of self-inflicted deaths in(More)
BACKGROUND If the window of opportunity presented by the early years is missed, it becomes increasingly difficult to create a successful life-course. A biopsychosocial model of special educational need with an emphasis on participation and functioning moves the frame of reference from the clinic to the school and the focus from specific conditions to(More)
(2004) Symptom validity testing of feigned amnesia for a mock crime. Prevalence of dissociative experiences in a community sample – relationship to gender, ethnicity, and substance use. (1996) Neural mechanisms in dissociative amnesia for childhood abuse: Relevance to the current controversy surrounding the " false memory syndrome " .
Many authors have proposed constraining the behaviour of intelligent systems with " machine ethics " to ensure positive social outcomes from the development of such systems. This article critically analyses the prospects for machine ethics, identifying several inherent limitations. While machine ethics may increase the probability of ethical behaviour in(More)
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