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OBJECTIVE To study the correction of a 'myelomeningocele-like' defect in fetal rabbits. METHODS Twelve pregnant rabbits had a spinal defect surgically created in 40 of their fetuses at 23 days of(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a new endoscopic approach to the correction of a myelomeningocele-like defect in fetal sheep. METHODS The fetuses of 9 pregnant ewes, with an average gestational age of 115(More)
PURPOSE To develop a simplified technique for antenatal correction of a meningomyelocele -like defect in fetal sheep to allow direct skin closure. METHODS A spinal defect was surgically created at(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of two dura-mater substitutes, namely human acellular dermal matrix (HADM) and biosynthetic cellulose (BC), in repairing, in utero,(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the ability of a three-layer graft in the closuse of large fetal skin defects. METHODS Ovine fetuses underwent a large (4 × 3 cm) full-thickness skin defect over the lumbar(More)