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BACKGROUND Since in hospitalized older patients delirium is associated with poor outcomes, we evaluated the effectiveness of a multicomponent strategy for the prevention of delirium. METHODS We studied 852 patients 70 years of age or older who had been admitted to the general-medicine service at a teaching hospital. Patients from one intervention unit and(More)
BACKGROUND Falling is a common and morbid condition among elderly persons. Effective strategies to prevent falls have been identified but are underutilized. METHODS Using a nonrandomized design, we compared rates of injuries from falls in a region of Connecticut where clinicians had been exposed to interventions to change clinical practice (intervention(More)
BACKGROUND As the number of older drivers increases, concern has been raised about the potential safety implications. Flexibility, coordination, and speed of movement have been associated with older drivers' on road performance. OBJECTIVE To determine whether a multicomponent physical conditioning program targeted to axial and extremity flexibility,(More)
BACKGROUND While older adults (age 75 and over) represent a large and growing proportion of patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI), they have traditionally been under-represented in cardiovascular studies. Although chronological age confers an increased risk for adverse outcomes, our current understanding of the heterogeneity of this risk is(More)
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