Denise A. Baker

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BACKGROUND The number of suicides in prison has increased over recent years. This is the first study to describe the clinical care of a national sample of prison suicides. AIMS To describe the clinical and social circumstances of self-inflicted deaths among prisoners. METHOD A national clinical survey based on a 2-year sample of self-inflicted deaths in(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of deprivation, crowding, maternal smoking, and breast feeding on morbidity from wheeze and diarrhoea in the first six months after birth. DESIGN A geographically located population survey using maternal responses on self completion questionnaires. SETTING The three health districts of Bristol. SUBJECTS 8501(More)
Poorer health has been consistently associated with both low levels of social support and material deprivation. It has been proposed that social support constitutes a causal link between health and deprivation such that those with lower socio-economic status have poorer health because their lack of social support makes them more vulnerable to disease. This(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish the degree of association between relative deprivation and any variation in condition specific morbidity and in consultations with general practitioners for mothers of young children. STUDY DESIGN Condition specific morbidity and general practitioner consultation (GP) rates were recorded by means of self reports on a postal(More)
BACKGROUND This study was carried out in order to examine changes in cardiovascular risk associated with a population-based screening programme. METHOD Cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factor data from a representative sample of residents aged between 45 and 55 years who attended screening a total of three times over a 10-year period were chosen for(More)
BACKGROUND If the window of opportunity presented by the early years is missed, it becomes increasingly difficult to create a successful life-course. A biopsychosocial model of special educational need with an emphasis on participation and functioning moves the frame of reference from the clinic to the school and the focus from specific conditions to(More)
Research has demonstrated that in some types of human computer interactions people behave toward an artificially intelligent agent (AIG) as if it had moral agency. Anthropomorphic behaviors such as sparing a computer's " feelings " and holding it morally responsible for cheating have been observed. However, research has not examined human capacity to act(More)
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