Denisa Rodila

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The calibration and execution of large hydrological models, such as SWAT (soil and water assessment tool), developed for large areas, high resolution, and huge input data, need not only quite a long execution time but also high computation resources. SWAT hydrological model supports studies and predictions of the impact of land management practices on(More)
—Topics such as the sustainability and vulnerability of land management practices on water quality and quantity are very important in these days both for decision makers and for citizens. The enviroGRIDS FP7 project addresses some of these topics in the Black Sea Catchment area. One of the software tools developed in this project is gSWAT. It allows the(More)
—The latest issues in simulating and analyzing different Earth Science phenomena require the development of complex algorithms, based on satellite images in different formats. The main goal of this paper is to process these data in a standard manner and to automatically publish the execution results by using the latest Web Processing Services (WPS). The(More)