Denis V. Voskov

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Fully compositional and thermal reservoir simulation capabilities are important in oil exploration and production. There are significant resources in existing wells and in heavy oil, oil sands, and deep-water reservoirs. This article has two main goals: (1) to clearly identify chemical engineering sub-problems within reservoir simulation that the PSE(More)
7 We present a new fully-implicit, mixed-hybrid, finite-element (MHFE) discretization scheme for general-purpose compositional 8 reservoir simulation. The locally conservative scheme solves the coupled momentum and mass balance equations simultane9 ously, and the fluid system is modeled using a cubic equation-of-state. We introduce a new conservative flux(More)
Primary oil recovery methods in Saskatchewan’s heavy oil basin extract 5 to 10% of the available resource with the vast majority left in the ground and recoverable only through Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods. Traditional EOR generates steam in surface facilities and injects it underground to mobilize the oil for production with considerable energy(More)
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