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The detonation process is able to build new materials with a bottom-up approach. Diamond, the hardest material on earth, can be synthesized in this way. This unconventional synthesis route is possible due to the presence of carbon inside the high-explosive molecules: firing high-explosive mixtures with a negative oxygen balance in a non-oxidative(More)
Research efforts for realizing safer and higher performance energetic materials are continuing unabated all over the globe. While the thermites - pyrotechnic compositions of an oxide and a metal - have been finely tailored thanks to progress in other sectors, organic high explosives are still stagnating. The most symptomatic example is the longstanding(More)
Cocrystals, solid mixtures of different molecules on molecular scale, are supposed to be tailor made materials with improved employability compared to their pristine individual components in domains such as medicine and explosives. In medicine, cocrystals are obtained by crystallization of active pharmaceutical ingredients with precisely chosen coformers to(More)
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