Denis Sipp

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Flow control is concerned with the targeted manipulation of intrinsic flow behavior to optimally satisfy prescribed objectives. This article will give an overview of the most common tools for the design of control strategies. We focus on linear control that is aimed at stabilizing fixed points of the Navier-Stokes equations, such as those existing in the(More)
We consider a two-dimensional incompressible ow over a rounded backward-facing step at Reynolds number Re = 600. This con guration is characterized by a detachment of the ow close to the step followed by a recirculation zone; even though the ow is globally stable, perturbations are ampli ed as they are convected along the shear-layer. The presence of(More)
The generation of discrete acoustic tones in the compressible flow around an aerofoil is addressed in this work by means of nonlinear numerical simulations and global stability analyses. The nonlinear simulations confirm the appearance of discrete tones in the acoustic spectrum and, for the chosen flow case, the global stability analyses of the mean-flow(More)
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