Denis Selimovic

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Both apoptosis and autophagy are highly conserved processes that besides their role in the maintenance of the organismal and cellular homeostasis serve as a main target of tumor therapeutics. Although their important roles in the modulation of tumor therapeutic strategies have been widely reported, the molecular actions of both apoptosis and autophagy are(More)
Although chemotherapeutic drugs could theoretically target all metastatic sites, current treatments do not provide complementary therapeutics. Therefore, the development of an alternative approach replacing the traditional therapy is urgently needed. To assess the killing efficiency of the functionally identified apoptosis-related protein (APR)-1 in(More)
Despite the availability of melanoma treatment at the primary site, the recurrence of local melanoma can metastasize to any distant organ. Currently, the available therapies for the treatment of metastatic melanoma are of limited benefit. Thus, the functional analysis of conventional therapies may help to improve their efficiency in the treatment of(More)
  • Shuhei Hoshika, Futami Nagano, +8 authors Hidehiko Sano
  • 2010
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of application time of colloidal platinum nanoparticles (CPN) on bond strength. Dentin surfaces were subjected to one of the following treatments: (A) Etching with 10% citric acid-3% FeCl(3 )solution (10-3 solution); (B) Etching with 10-3 solution followed by applying CPN as a primer solution for 10,(More)
Tumor response to immunotherapy is the consequence of a concerted crosstalk between cytokines and effector cells. Interferon gamma (IFNγ) is one of the common cytokines coordinating tumor immune response and the associated biological consequences. Although the role of IFNγ in the modulation of tumor immunity has been widely documented, the mechanisms(More)
In addition to its contributing role in the development of chronic liver diseases, chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is associated with extrahepatic manifestations, particularly, cutaneous-based disorders including those with pruritus as a symptom. Pruritus is frequently associated with the development of chronic liver diseases such as cholestasis(More)
Melanoma is characterized by dysregulated intracellular signalling pathways including an impairment of the cell death machinery, ultimately resulting in melanoma resistance, survival and progression. This explains the tumour's extraordinary resistance to the standard treatment. Imiquimod is a topical immune response modifier (imidazoquinoline) with both(More)
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