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Organized Crime in Antiquity, K. Hopwood (Ed.) : book review
This work consists of an introduction, nine papers read at a conference held in Lampeter in Wales in 1996 and an index. In the Introduction (pp. vii-xv) Hopwood traces some differences between theExpand
Romanization in the Time of Augustus [Book Review]
Includes footnotes. Review(s) of: Romanization in the Time of Augustus, R. MacMullen, New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000. Pp. xi + 222. ISBN 0-300-08254-1. USD25.00.
Romanization in the time of Augustus, R. MacMullen : book review
The verb 'to Romanise' first appeared in the seventeenth century, used both of making Roman in character and of joining the Roman Catholic Church. But the noun 'Romanisation' in the senses ofExpand
Organized Crime in Antiquity [Book Review]
Includes footnotes. Review(s) of: Organized Crime in Antiquity, by K. Hopwood (ed.), London: Duckworth and the Classical Press of Wales, 1999. Pp. xv + 278, incl. five sketehmaps and an index. ISBNExpand
Globalizing Roman culture : unity, diversity, and empire, Richard Hingley : book review
This collection of essays originated as a seminar for the faculty of Classics at Cambridge to foster dialogue between Greek and Roman specialists and to offer new directions for colonisationExpand
A note on the rhetoric of four speeches in Josephus
By giving speeches to important characters in his narrative, Josephus was following the traditions of Hellenistic historiography. In composing the speeches he used the conventions of ancientExpand
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Globalizing Roman Culture: Unity, Diversity, and Empire [Book Review]
Includes footnotes. Review(s) of: Globalizing Roman Culture: Unity, Diversity, and Empire, by Richard Hingley, London: Routledge, 2005. Pp. xiii + 208. ISBN 0-415-35176-6. GBP16.99.
Two notes on Roman Germany : notes
During his Gallic wars Caesar had to resort to naval warfare on several occasions. He also crossed the Rhine twice (BG 4.16-17; 6.9). Although the Ubians, then on the east bank, offered him ships toExpand