Denis Rodríguez-Fernández

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The concept of protecting groups, widely used in organic chemistry, has been applied for the synthesis of Au-silica Janus stars, in which gold branches protrude from one half of Au-silica Janus spheres. This configuration opens up new possibilities to apply the plasmonic properties of gold nanostars, as well as a variety of chemical functionalizations on(More)
This work describes a novel and scalable colloid chemistry strategy to fabricate gold semishells based on the selective growth of gold on Janus silica particles (500 nm in diameter) partly functionalized with amino groups. The modulation of the geometry of the Janus silica particles allows us to tune the final morphology of the gold semishells. This method(More)
The library of plasmonic nanosystems keeps expanding with novel structures with the potential to provide new solutions to old problems in science and technology. We report the synthesis of a novel plasmonic system based on the growth of gold nanowires radially branching from the surface of silica particles. The nanowires length could be controlled by tuning(More)
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