Denis Rochat

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Generalization is one of the most important performance evaluation criteria for artificial learning systems, in particular for supervised learning. While a large amount of literature and of well established results exist concerning the issue of generalization for many non-evolutionary Machine Learning strategies, like for instance Support Vector Machines,(More)
In this paper, we present an empirical study showing that scale-free topologies have a positive impact on the performance of gossiping algorithms in static sensor networks. More precisely, our simulations show that, when combined with such topologies, typical gossiping algorithms tend to require fewer messages and experience smaller latency than when(More)
In this paper, we present a novel approach for epidemic information dissemination, also known as gossiping, in sensor networks. By construction, our protocol exhibits three interesting properties. First, the routing of messages follows a topology with characteristics similar to that of scale-free graphs, which have been shown to be particularly efficient in(More)
The program consisted of one day dedicated for the formal presentations of the recent and ongoing works of the students, another day for a brainstorming and a third day for consolidating ideas and establishing pair wise interactions between the participants that identified collaborative opportunities. On the last day the structure and much of the content of(More)
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