Denis Renato de Moraes Piazentin

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Cyber security is an important issue in today's global computer networks. Advanced clustering methods are relevant for efficient data mining over the web. KIII is a biologically plausible neural network model. In its multi-layer architecture there are excitatory and inhibitory neurons, which present lateral, feedforward, and delayed feedback connections(More)
Freeman K-sets form a hierarchy of models of the dynamics of neuron populations at the mesoscopic (intermediate) level. The topology of connections is modeled by networks of excitatory and inhibitory populations of neurons; the dynamics is approximated by piecewise linearization of nonlinear ordinary differential equations (ODE). A simulator for the K-sets(More)
Huge volume of data over several domains demands the development of new more efficient tools for search, analysis, and interpretation. Clustering approaches represent an important step in exploring the internal structure and relationships in datasets. In this study, the cognitively motivated neural network Freeman K 3-set was applied as a filter to(More)
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