Denis R. Benjamin

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Two of 27 patients treated with intraventricular chemotherapy via an Ommaya reservoir developed unusual life-threatening complications attributable to the reservoir. In one patient treated for meningeal Burkitt's lymphoma, the cause of death was a large mass of tumor cells growing around the cannula. Also the tip of the cannula was found in the(More)
The clinical features and management of nine cases of mushroom poisoning due to Amanita pantherina (eight cases) and Amanita muscaria (one case) admitted to a children's hospital are described. Most ingestions were in the toddler age group with males being more frequently involved. Symptoms occurred between 30-180 min with the onset of central nervous(More)
The purposes of this report are to reaffirm concordance difficulties with the acute myeloid leukemia (AML) French-American-British (FAB) classification, to present the frequency of previously delineated AML syndromes in pediatric patients and to describe additional characteristic AML profiles utilizing composite morphologic, cytogenetic and immunophenotypic(More)
Two cases of mesenchymal hamartoma of chest wall in infancy are reported. These distinctive and rare lesions arise in the antenatal period, present at birth or in early life as chest wall masses with marked rib deformation, and may produce respiratory compromise through encroachment on the chest cavities. Histologically composed of chondroid and primitive(More)
Congenital absence of the midbrain and upper pons is a rare human malformation. We describe two unrelated infants with this anomaly and cerebellar hypoplasia who were born at term but died in early infancy from lack of central respiratory drive. MRI in both cases disclosed the lesions during life. Neuropathological examination, performed in one, included(More)
During a study using a monoclonal antibody directed against proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) to assess the proliferative activity of tumors, it was noted that the cytoplasm of Reed-Sternberg (RS) cells and variants of these cells in cases of Hodgkin's disease reacted very positively. This aberrant expression of PCNA has not been observed in any(More)
A 6-month-old infant is reported with a spinal cord hemangioblastoma located in the conus medullaris associated with an overlying congenital dermal sinus and cutaneous capillary hemangioma. There were no neurologic deficits either preoperatively or following removal of the tumor. The skin and spinal cord lesions were believed to represent an isolated(More)