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Over the past decade fibre supplementation has achieved widespread acceptance in the management of symptomatic diverticular disease, although the efficacy of this treatment has been debated. We have conducted a retrospective review of 72 patients admitted to hospital with symptomatic diverticular disease over a ten year period in order to determine whether(More)
A review of twelve years surgical practice in a district in the North East of England is presented. During this period 63 562 surgical operations were undertaken. Analyses of these operations show that the amount of elective general surgery undertaken has almost doubled and the rate of emergency general surgery has remained remarkably constant. There has(More)
Colour-coded Doppler flow imaging (angiodynography) was performed on 29 patients with 30 internal carotid artery occlusions. Large internal carotid stumps were revealed as intravascular cul-de-sacs demonstrating vortices of blue flow reversal. Large carotid stumps or significant external carotid stenoses were present in nine patients (9 arteries). Such(More)
Lymph node imprint cytology was performed on 86 nodes from 13 consecutive patients with breast cancer undergoing simple mastectomy with axillary node sampling, and a prospective comparison with paraffin section was made. The results showed a diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of 0.93 and 0.98 respectively. The predictive value of a positive result was(More)
Blunt trauma is an unusual cause of extrahepatic bile duct injury. This is a case of a 51-year-old gentleman who sustained a significant seatbelt injury in a plane crash. Laparotomy, performed due to persistent abdominal pain, revealed that the common bile duct (CBD) was completely avulsed from the duodenum. Following insertion of drains and transfer to a(More)
Detection of aortic aneurysms before they rupture is imperative if the mortality rate from this disease is to be reduced. Although large aneurysms frequently are palpable, small aneurysms--especially in obese patients--are seldom recognized on physical examination. Ultrasound, which is noninvasive, relatively inexpensive, and nearly 100 per cent accurate in(More)
Keynote address: " Clinical Implications of 2-day whole genome sequencing of acutely ill infants " Prof. Comparative Genomic Hybridisation (CGH) Microarray has been available in Ireland to Paediatricians from the year 2011. Guidelines for investigation of infants and children with features of developmental delay, dysmorphic features and some cases of(More)
Blunt abdominal trauma may give rise to infrequent and unusual patterns of organ damage requiring prompt and complete exploratory laparotomy if the full extent of injury is to be recognised. We present a case of avulsion of the common bile duct in association with duodenal rupture to illustrate the importance of this strategy.