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The development of solutions to complex problems requires finding answers to several questions which are obstacles on the road leading to the solution. To perpetuate progress, the possibility to reuse and integrate these intermediate answers in the other constructions of complex solution becomes a requirement In this article we consider the context of(More)
The GERRI project materializes the Grenelle Environnement’s goals, of which the energy management of a territory is a facet. The aim is to forecast future energy production and consumption, bearing in mind economic and ecological indicators, and using a large number of interactions schemes between the involved parties. The originality of this paper is to(More)
Green sea turtles Chelonia mydas inhabit tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide. Living in the marine environment and laying eggs on the beach, they are mainly threatened by human activities (poaching, fisheries bycatch, habitat destruction, etc.). In Reunion Island, the Kélonia observatory and IFREMER develop various scientific programs to study and(More)
RÉSUMÉ. Si dans la réalité nous ne pouvons que subir le temps, les simulations multi-agents nous permettent de l’utiliser comme moteur d’évolution sur des modèles réduits afin d’en déduire des nouvelles connaissances sur le monde réel. Aussi, la façon dont le temps virtuel est géré par le simulateur joue un rôle prédominant sur le potentiel de ce dernier.(More)
In MultiAgent Based Simulation (MABS), the observation of simulation results is a complex task: interactions between simulation agents produce a large mass of simulation results, which is particularly complex to analyze. We are assured that the use of another second multiagent system is a suitable approach to achieve this task. This second system then(More)
This paper presents a new way of designing navigation on the WEB. It describes the LYPO principle which consists in associating to an Internet site an applicative environment presented to the user as a kind of "virtual office" similar to the familiar user desktop metaphor, rather than a simple set of HTML documents. The appli -cative environment offers more(More)
Configuring suitably an application, which implements a complex system is a difficult task due to the massive amount of data. This phase is often mistreated compared to the modeling one : arbi-trary solutions are employed. The configuration schemes established are then rarely reusable in other projects, and the efforts engaged in this production are lost.(More)