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The fraction of the incoming solar energy scattered by Earth back to space is referred to as the planetary albedo. This reflected energy is a fundamental component of the Earth's energy balance, and the processes that govern its magnitude, distribution, and variability shape Earth's climate and climate change. We review our understanding of Earth's albedo(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to compare the results of the halo split skin graft (HSSG) by two primary care skin cancer practitioners at one clinic at the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, to the results of the only previous study while adding to the body of evidence regarding use of the HSSG following excision of non-melanoma skin cancer on(More)
We analyse the sensitivity of quantum dot semiconductor lasers to optical feedback. While bulk and quantum well semiconductor lasers are usually extremely unstable when submitted to back reflection, quantum dot semiconductor lasers exhibit a reduced sensitivity. Using a rate equation approach, we show that this behaviour is the result of a relatively low(More)
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