Denis Netter

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When a superconductor is fed with an alternating current, the temperature rise created by the losses tends to reduce the current carrying capacity. If the amplitude of the current exceeds the value of the critical current, then the losses become particularly high and the thermal heating considerable. In this paper, a numerical and an analytical model which(More)
It is well known that the critical current density of a superconducting material depends on the magnetic flux density . There exists an electric method to measure the ( ) deduced from the ( ) measurements. The problem with this method is the self field effect because the magnetic flux density is always the sum of the applied magnetic flux density and the(More)
This paper describes the design of a new kind HTS motor. Superconducting plates used as magnetic screen that cause a spatial variation of the flux density. It is theoretically possible to obtain an air gap flux density variation greater than 3 T. We perform a dimensionless study of the device showing that the torque depends on shape parameters and is(More)
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