Denis Millette

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The interactions among seven creosote-related compounds (phenanthrene, fluorene, p-cresol, pentachlorophenol, carbazole, dibenzothiophene, and dibenzofuran) during their aerobic biodegradation in groundwater were studied in factorial experiments. Three separate experiments were conducted in simple batch systems with phenanthrene, p-cresol, and carbazole as(More)
The biodegradation of a mixture of several creosote-related compounds, p-cresol, phenanthrene, fluorene, and carbazole was examined in columns containing aquifer sands. The aquifer material, itself, had an effect on the migration of the test compounds, with p-cresol being retarded the least, followed by carbazole, then fluorene, and finally phenanthrene.(More)
Transport of 10-40 microm gellan gum microbeads was studied in horizontal sand columns to evaluate the feasibility of using gel-encapsulated bacteria for bioaugmentation of contaminated aquifers. Three 5.2 x 110 cm columns were packed with sand (column A: 0.5-2 mm, column B: 0.25-2 mm, and column C: 0.125-2 mm). Microbeads in artificial groundwater were(More)
Landfill operators require a rapid, simple, low-cost, and accurate method for estimation of landfill methane surface emissions over time. Several methods have been developed to obtain instantaneous field measurements of landfill methane surface emissions. This paper provides a methodology for interpolating instantaneous measurements over time, taking(More)
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