Denis Massenet

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likely acquired when animals were housed in enclosures previously occupied by infected raccoons or when bedding or food became contaminated with B. procyonis–infected raccoon feces. In B. procyonis–endemic areas, cages used to house raccoons should be thoroughly decontaminated by fl aming, or cages should be dedicated for use by raccoons. Because B.(More)
Human enteroviruses (HEVs) are endemic worldwide and among the most common viruses infecting humans. Nevertheless, there are very limited data on the circulation and genetic diversity of HEVs in developing countries and sub-Saharan Africa in particular. We investigated the circulation and genetic diversity of HEVs among 436 healthy children in a limited(More)
We studied the number of mollusks collected according to a specific protocol: 2 samplers prospecting in opposite directions for 1 min 30 s at 10 collection points regularly distributed on the site, for a total of 2 times 15 minutes. Because of the good reproducibility of the results of these collections, this method can be used for quantitative studies. A(More)
infections. Although we did not conduct a case–control study, these fi ndings also support the results of other studies that previously reported the demographic characteristics of patients with pandemic infl uenza infections and the risk factors for severe or fatal pandemic infl uenza infections (3,4), especially with respect to obesity (5). Evaluation of(More)
La méthode Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS) est une technique de contrôle de qualité utilisée dans l’industrie qui permet de déterminer de façon économique si des lots répondent à certains critères. Dans un échantillonnage de faible taille, issu d’un lot par tirage au sort aléatoire, chaque échantillon est étudié et qualifié d’acceptable ou de(More)
Blood transfusion in Djibouti is organized with reference to relevant French regulation and the recommendations of the World Health Organization. The system is basically family donor system operating on the principle of one tested unit of blood for every two untested units donated. Spontaneous donations mainly from the police and army personnel account for(More)
Futuna is a small Polynesian island in the South Pacific with a population of 3,612 in 2013. The first human leptospirosis case was confirmed in 1997. Active surveillance started in 2004. Cases were confirmed by PCR or real time PCR, or by serology using MAT or a combination of IgM-ELISA and MAT. A retrospective analysis of surveillance data shows that the(More)
Ductal plate malformations (DPM) present with a wide phenotypic spectrum comprising Von Meyenburg complexes (VMC), Caroli disease (CD), Caroli syndrome (CS), and autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (ARPKD). Variants in PKHD1 are responsible for ARPKD and CS with a high inter- and intra-familial phenotypic variability. Rare familial cases of CD had(More)