Denis Marcon

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—This paper reports on an extensive analysis of the trapping processes and of the reliability of experimental AlGaN/ GaN MIS-HEMTs, grown on silicon substrate. The study is based on combined pulsed characterization, transient investigation , breakdown, and reverse-bias stress tests, and provides the following, relevant, information: 1) the exposure to high(More)
In this paper, the possibility to achieve output power density exceeding 10 W/mm at 2 GHz using 1 mm gate width GaN HEMTs on 4” large diameter Si (111) substrate is demonstrated for the first time. Additionally, storage tests at 325°C reveal the high thermal stability of these devices which we attribute to the in-situ grown SiN cap layer.(More)
In this work we report on the two most common failure modes for AlGaN/GaN-based HEMTs: the gate leakage increase and the output current drop. First, by performing step-stress experiments in function of the step-time (tSTEP) we show that the critical voltage for the increase of gate leakage current depends on the tSTEP and is not associated with a permanent(More)
Two Hypoxanthine/Aminopterin/Thymidine-sensitive cell sublines (L142 and L231) have been derived from independent lymphoblastoid cell lines of B lineage. After propagation for more than 100 population doublings (1 year) in culture, these cells still retained a doubling time between 19 to 20 hours, near diploïdy and relatively low (L142) and high (L231)(More)
GaN based devices offer many perspectives for power conversion applications. To demonstrate the capabilities of III-nitride components, we studied the switching behavior of a GaN DHFET device. We show that the combination of a low input capacitance, a low on-resistance and a high breakdown voltage is the key advantage for GaN components. Moreover the(More)