Denis Marcon

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—This paper reports on an extensive analysis of the trapping processes and of the reliability of experimental AlGaN/ GaN MIS-HEMTs, grown on silicon substrate. The study is based on combined pulsed characterization, transient investigation , breakdown, and reverse-bias stress tests, and provides the following, relevant, information: 1) the exposure to high(More)
In this paper, the possibility to achieve output power density exceeding 10 W/mm at 2 GHz using 1 mm gate width GaN HEMTs on 4” large diameter Si (111) substrate is demonstrated for the first time. Additionally, storage tests at 325°C reveal the high thermal stability of these devices which we attribute to the in-situ grown SiN cap layer.(More)
In this work we report on the two most common failure modes for AlGaN/GaN-based HEMTs: the gate leakage increase and the output current drop. First, by performing step-stress experiments in function of the step-time (tSTEP) we show that the critical voltage for the increase of gate leakage current depends on the tSTEP and is not associated with a permanent(More)
GaN based devices offer many perspectives for power conversion applications. To demonstrate the capabilities of III-nitride components, we studied the switching behavior of a GaN DHFET device. We show that the combination of a low input capacitance, a low on-resistance and a high breakdown voltage is the key advantage for GaN components. Moreover the(More)
This paper reports on an extensive investigation of the gate stability of GaN-based High Electron Mobility Transistors with p-type gate submitted to forward gate stress. Based on combined electrical and electroluminescence measurements, we demonstrate the following results: (i) the catastrophic breakdown voltage of the gate diode is higher than 11 V at room(More)