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Protein profiles of the basidiomycete Trametes hirsuta grown on standard medium without laccase as an inducer and on medium supplemented with CuSO4 were analyzed using a differential proteomics approach. Protocols developed for isolation and purification of extracellular and intracellular proteins of the mycelium allowed us to show extensive extraction of(More)
Plant xyloglucans play an important role in the processes of cell wall extension, determine their mechanical properties, thus affecting growth and morphology of individual cells and whole organs. Being one of the main components of hemicellulose, xyloglucans play a particular physiological role in woody plants. To study xyloglucan physiological role,(More)
Biological assays formatted as microarrays have become a critical tool for the generation of the comprehensive data sets required for systems-level understanding of biological processes. Manual annotation of data extracted from images of microarrays, however, remains a significant bottleneck, particularly for protein microarrays due to the sensitivity of(More)
The properties of transgenic aspen (Populus tremula) clones carrying the recombinant gene of xyloglucanase sp-Xeg from Penicillium canescens have been analyzed. Complex modifications were revealed both in the composition of the wood and in the plant phenotype. Biometric analysis showed that shoot dimensions increased by 24.8%, 25% and 26% in the(More)
A comparative analysis of transcripts from the basidiomycota T. hirsuta grown with and without an inducer of the laccase biosynthesis was carried out. Methods of subtraction hybridization and massive parallel sequencing were used for this purpose. Unique transcripts encoded by genes that have a relatively high level of expression and belong to different(More)
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