Denis Larocque

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This study investigated the time course of spelling, and its influence on graphomotor execution, in a successive word copy task. According to the cascade model, these two processes may be engaged either sequentially or in parallel, depending on the cognitive demands of spelling. In this experiment, adults were asked to copy a series of words varying in(More)
Discrete-time survival data with time-varying covariates are often encountered in practice. One such example is bankruptcy studies where the status of each firm is available on a yearly basis. Moreover, these studies often use financial and accounting based ratios to predict bankruptcy. These ratios are also yearly measures and hence are time-varying. In(More)
The log-rank test is used as the split function in many commonly used survival trees and forests algorithms. However, the log-rank test may have a significant loss of power in some circumstances, especially when the hazard functions or when the survival functions cross each other in the two compared groups. We investigate the use of the integrated absolute(More)
The processing of syllables during the writing of isolated words has been shown to occur either before or during the writing of the word containing them. To demonstrate that this difference is related to graphomotor constraints, participants copied bi- and trisyllabic words three times, in four conditions where graphomotor constraints were gradually(More)