Denis Kosykh

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The PEDANT genome database ( provides exhaustive automatic analysis of genomic sequences by a large variety of established bioinformatics tools through a comprehensive Web-based user interface. One hundred and seventy seven completely sequenced and unfinished genomes have been processed so far, including large eukaryotic genomes (mouse,(More)
Most studies concerning expression data analyses usually exploit information on the variability of gene intensity across samples. This information is sensitive to initial data processing, which affects the final conclusions. However expression data contains scale-free information, which is directly comparable between different samples. We propose to use the(More)
The Maximal Margin (MAMA) linear programming classification algorithm has recently been proposed and tested for cancer classification based on expression data. It demonstrated sound performance on publicly available expression datasets. We developed a web interface to allow potential users easy access to the MAMA classification tool. Basic and advanced(More)
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