Denis Heresbach

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OBJECTIVE To describe cases of lymphoma associated with anti-TNF therapy, identify risk factors, estimate the incidence and compare the risks for different anti-TNF agents. METHODS A national prospective registry was designed (Research Axed on Tolerance of bIOtherapies; RATIO) to collect all cases of lymphoma in French patients receiving anti-TNF therapy(More)
INTRODUCTION Colonoscopy can prevent deaths due to colorectal cancer (CRC) through early diagnosis or resection of colonic adenomas. We conducted a prospective, nationwide study on colonoscopy practice in France. METHODS An online questionnaire was administered to 2,600 French gastroenterologists. Data from all consecutive colonoscopies performed during(More)
BACKGROUND The intragastric balloon, filled with air or liquid is used before elective bariatric surgery because its efficacy is limited. This might be the consequence of altered gastric functions. Therefore, we aimed to investigate, in an animal model, the changes in gastric motility and emptying induced by long-term insertion of a balloon used for weight(More)
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