Denis Gauvreau

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A map of 191 single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) was built across a 5-Mb segment from chromosome 13q34 that has been genetically linked to schizophrenia. DNA from 213 schizophrenic patients and 241 normal individuals from Canada were genotyped with this marker set. Two 1,400- and 65-kb regions contained markers associated with the disease. Two markers(More)
Corpora amylacea (CA) accumulation in the central nervous system (CNS) is associated with both normal aging and neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's disease (AD). CA is reported to be primarily composed of glucose polymers, but approximately 4% of the total weight of CA is consistently composed of protein. CA protein resolved on sodium(More)
A biochemical study was performed to quantify and map the neurodegenerating process in cortical and subcortical brain areas from a case of progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). Our approach was based on a Western blot analysis of pathological Tau proteins, which are the basic components of neurofibrillary lesions. We found that: (i) the abnormal Tau(More)
Corpora amylacea (CA) are one of the conspicuous features of brain tissue in normal aging and neurodegenerative diseases. Quantitative protein determination of purified CA revealed a protein content of about 4% of total weight. Qualitative protein analysis revealed a broad range of polypeptides, with four being more abundant. High performance liquid(More)
The oviduct is a specialized organ responsible for the storage and the transport of male and female gametes. It also provides an optimal environment for final gamete maturation, fertilization, and early embryo development. Prostaglandin (PG) E(2) is involved in many female reproductive functions, including ovulation, fertilization, implantation, and(More)
The superoxide dismutases (SODs) are first-line enzymatic antioxidants that dismute superoxide anion (O(2)(-)*) to produce hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)). The primary objective was to characterize, by western blot analysis, the expression of two SODs, the cytosolic (Cu,ZnSOD or SOD1) and the mitochondrial (MnSOD or SOD2) forms in three sections of the(More)
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