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—In this paper we present a new methodology for robot learning that combines ideas from statistical generalization and reinforcement learning. First we apply statistical generalization to compute an approximation for the optimal control policy as defined by training movements that solve the given task in a number of specific situations. This way we obtain a(More)
  • Denis Forte, Lucas Ayres Barros, Wilson Toshiro Nakamura, D. Forte, L. A. Barros, W. T. Nakamura
  • 2013
This research investigates the determinants of the capital structure of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) using a unique database that includes over 19,000 Brazilian firms and spans 13 years of data. The econometric analysis employs the System Generalized Method of Moments estimator (GMM-Sys) and two strong results emerge: (a) profitability is negatively(More)
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