Denis Feurer

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The anatomical arrangement of the pia mater suggests that it may act as a regulatory interface between cerebrospinal fluid and the surface of the brain and between arterioles within the brain and the surrounding neural tissue. However, the functional aspects of such a barrier are difficult to evaluate in vivo. In the present study, the enzymic content and(More)
Slope instabilities are one of the most important geo-hazards in terms of socio-economic costs. The island of La Réunion (Indian Ocean) is affected by constant slope movements and huge landslides due to a combination of rough topography, wet tropical climate and its specific geological context. We show that remote sensing techniques (Differential SAR(More)
Remote sensing has been used to map river bathymetry for several decades. Non-contact methods are necessary in several cases: inaccessible rivers, large-scale depth mapping, very shallow rivers. The remote sensing techniques used for river bathymetry are reviewed. Frequently, these techniques have been developed for marine environment and have then been(More)
Bathymetry on continental hydrographic networks is up to now limited to small areas. This hampers exhaustive hydrological or ecological studies on hydrographic networks at management scales. To enlarge rivers bathymetry surveys, bathymetric, i.e. green LiDAR appears as an interesting tool. But if this technique has been widely used for coastal surveys, very(More)
The study presents an attempt to correlate the spatial distribution of damages and the ground deformation measure by SAR interferometric stacking technique in the case of Athens 7-9-99 earthquake. Damage maps were created for building collapsed and affected areas, built in a GIS environment. The location of the collapsed building was identified using a(More)
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