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PURPOSE To examine the effects of the reconstruction algorithm of magnitude images from multichannel diffusion MRI on fiber orientation estimation. THEORY AND METHODS It is well established that the method used to combine signals from different coil elements in multichannel MRI can have an impact on the properties of the reconstructed magnitude image.(More)
The predominant electrophysiologic feature of vasculitic mononeuropathy multiplex is axonal loss. Electrophysiologic findings interpreted as conduction block have, however, also been reported to occur in neuropathy secondary to necrotizing vasculitis. We report 3 patients with mononeuropathy multiplex and biopsy proven vasculitis in whom eight nerves met(More)
The detection of respiratory muscle weakness in ALS is necessary to plan initiation of noninvasive positive pressure ventilation and begin discussion of advanced directives. The authors measured the erect seated and supine forced vital capacity (FVC) in 38 patients with ALS and 15 controls. The supine FVC is significantly lower and the erect--supine FVC(More)
A man with shoulder pain and complaints of weakness had examination findings consistent with a suprascapular neuropathy with predominant involvement of the infraspinatus muscle. Electrodiagnostic studies confirmed an axon-loss suprascapular neuropathy with greater involvement of the infraspinatus muscle. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) demonstrated a large(More)
Two-hundred and ninety-one working women in Israel were interviewed 7-9 months after childbirth. The mean number of months that they had breastfed was 2.03. The duration of breastfeeding increased with religiousity and higher education. Women born in Europe, primiparas and grandparas (4 + children) and those over the age of 40 breastfed longer. Most of the(More)
Our recent studies of the nonlinear mechanics of saccular aneurysms suggest that it is unlikely that these lesions enlarge or rupture via material (limit point) or dynamic (resonance) instabilities. Rather, there is a growing body of evidence from both vascular biology and biomechanical analyses that implicate mechanosensitive growth and remodeling(More)
– We consider tunneling in a hybrid system consisting of a superconductor with two or more probe electrodes which can be either normal metals or polarized ferromagnets. In particular we study transport at subgap voltages and temperatures. Besides Andreev pair tun-neling at each contact, in multi-probe structures subgap transport involves additional(More)
It is shown that the spin-resolved current shot noise can probe attractive or repulsive interactions in mesoscopic systems. This is illustrated in two physical situations: (i) a normal-superconducting junction where the spin-current noise is found to be zero, and (ii) a single-electron transistor where the spin-current noise is found to be Poissonian.(More)
A double quantum dot inserted in parallel between two metallic leads can entangle the electron spin with the orbital (dot index) degree of freedom. An Aharonov-Bohm orbital phase can be transferred to the spinor wave function, providing a geometrical control of the spin precession around a fixed magnetic field. A fully coherent behavior occurs in a mixed(More)
1. Two additional cases of presumed, thorium-induced hemangioendothelioma of the liver are reported. 2. The angiographic pattern of large venous lakes conforms closely to the pathologic descriitions of this malignancy. 3. To our knowledge, angiography of the thorotrast (and vinyl chloride) liver, before the clinical evolution of malignancy, has not been(More)