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The MgATP dependency of secretion was investigated in digitonin-permeabilized adrenal chromaffin cells. Shortly after permeabilization there is a component of Ca2+-dependent secretion that occurs in the absence of MgATP in the medium. This secretion occurs from cells which are permeable to Ca2+/[ethylene-bis(oxyethylenenitrilo)]tetraacetic acid buffers, to(More)
The ability of cholinergic agonists to activate phospholipase C in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells was examined by assaying the production of inositol phosphates in cells prelabeled with [3H]inositol. We found that both nicotinic and muscarinic agonists increased the accumulation of [3H]inositol phosphates (mainly inositol monophosphate) and that the(More)
1. Because cellular pools of phosphatidylinositol phosphate and phosphatidylinositol bisphosphate turn over rapidly during phospholipase C stimulation, the continuing production of inositol phosphates requires continuing synthesis from phosphatidylinositol of the polyphosphoinositides. In the present study in adrenal chromaffin cells, we examined the(More)
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