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This paper deals with the development and the parameter identification of an anaerobic digestion process model. A two-step (acidogenesis-methanization) mass-balance model has been considered. The model incorporates electrochemical equilibria in order to include the alkalinity, which has to play a central role in the related monitoring and control strategy(More)
Simple self-tuning type controllers Jbr nonlinear bacterial growth processes can be effective and their stability can be proven under mild conditions. Abstract-This paper suggests how nonlinear adaptive control of nonlinear bacterial growth systems could be performed. The process is described by a time-varying nonlinear model obtained from material balance(More)
In this paper we address the issue of minimal time optimal control of fedbatch reactor in presence of complex non monotonic kinetics, that can be typically characterized by the combination of two Haldane models. Global optimal trajectory results are provided on the basis of a numerical approach that considers smooth control inputs.
Recommended by Jie Huang This paper proposes a nonlinear finite-time converging observer for a class of nonlinear systems. The estimate is recovered from the present and delayed estimates provided by two independent dynamical systems converging to a function of the state with linear error dynamics. The estimation is carried out using only the Jacobian(More)